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Apostolic Mandate

MY MISSION STATEMENT – “Equipping Apostolic Leaders to raise up teams of Five Fold Ministry Leaders and spiritual parents in the home, ministry, and marketplace!”

MY APOSTOLIC MANDATE Christ has called me to identify, equip, and release emerging potential Leaders into their Kingdom appointed Five Fold Ministry assignments while imparting Faith, Hope, and LOVE in the process so that they will be able to unite, mature, equip, and release the Body of Christ into their ministry and inheritance that the Father has given to the Body of Christ to advance the Kingdom and Glory of the Father throughout the nations.

MY CALLING My name is Ricardo Butler and I’m passionate about helping and equipping emerging Five Fold Ministry Leaders to be strategic, creative, artistic, innovative, entrepreneurial, and cutting edge problem solving Spiritual Parents and to understand how to greatly increase the Family of God’s impact in its work for the Kingdom of God so that Body of Christ in all regions result in tangible fruit in God’s Garden! If you or another leader you know is hitting the wall on how to successfully fulfill your Leadership responsibility within the family, army, & government of God with the measure of the grace that God has given you, I can help you.

WHAT DO I ACTUALLY DO? [THE MISSION] – I equip five fold ministry leaders to be strategic, creative, artistic, innovative, entrepreneurial, and cutting edge problem solving spiritual parents in the home, ministry, and marketplace!

WHY I DO WHAT I DO? [THE PURPOSE] – Because I do not want God’s people to go through the pain of dealing with false/bad leadership. It’s a passion for me to be a different kind of leader and to equip leaders to be different as light, salt, humble, loving wise servant leaders. The house of God is in great lack of spiritual parents. While serving as an elder is good and being a godly five fold equipping ministry leader is great, God wants us to take it a step further. He wants us to not only reach, lead, and feed; He wants us to parent His children with the same heart after His own!

HOW DO I DO IT? [THE VISION] – I equip leaders through blog posts, newsletters, e-Books, audio books, podcasts, training courses, coaching, consulting, group equipping, life-on-life communion, mentoring, and spiritual fathering!

WHO AM I CALLED TO REACH? [TARGET AUDIENCE] – I am called to target Apostles who do not oversee any local churches, Prophets where no one hears or listens to you, Teachers with no disciples/students, Pastors who lead no flock, and Evangelists who do not draw in large crowds to witness to.


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Love you and Christ bless!

Apostle Ricardo 'Reason' Butler @ https://ricardoequips.wordpress.com/aboutricardo/
Apostle Ricardo ‘Reason’ Butler @ https://ricardoequips.wordpress.com/aboutricardo/


Ricardo ‘Reason’ Butler

Son of God | Disciple of Christ | Father | Husband | Leader | Writer | Entrepreneur | YOUR PERSONAL FEET WASHER | SERVANT & Apostolic Founder & CEO of Ricardo Equips Apostolic Leaders (R.E.A.L.), LLC @ https://ricardoequips.wufoo.com/forms/five-fold-ministry-development/


I’m passionate about helping and equipping apostolic leaders & ministers such as yourself to equip more five fold ministry leaders and spiritual parents to rule well in the home, ministry, marketplace, and local community!”


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