Developing Your Five-Fold Ministry


The 1,000 Mighty Men (and Women) Mandate

Dear Warrior of God,

As you may already know (if you didn’t) I am passionate about my calling to gather together those who have rejected and moved away from the existing church system, and build them together into a new pattern.

Just as King David trained up his mighty men, and then brought the ark of God back to the people, so I have also been called to raise up five-fold ministers who will war in the highest places against spiritual wickedness to bring about the restoration of the presence of God, with an emphasis on developing more leaders as part of the process.

God gave me a number. That number was 1,000. This is the number of leaders God wants me to train, equip, develop, mentor, and ultimately ordain. My vision and goal in Christ is to appoint and commission 1,000 five fold ministry mighty men and women from now to 2028.

How many times have you asked yourself the following questions?

  • How will I know when I am in a Five-Fold Ministry office?
  • If someone has prophesied over me that I am an evangelist, a pastor, a teacher, a prophet or an apostle, does this put me in office?
  • What is the difference between having spiritual gifts, being in ministry, and standing in an office?
  • How can I move from functioning in the Five-Fold Spiritual Gifts to Five-Fold Ministry, to Five-Fold Leadership and Equipping Roles?

It is very commonplace in this day and age to receive prophetic direction or a prophetic Word concerning your calling. Perhaps the Lord revealed your calling to you personally and you now want to know what to do with it all! So where do you begin? Are you a prophet now? Are you an apostle now? Or maybe you are a pastor, or teacher, or an evangelist? Where do you start?

Looking at your own life can you without hesitating recall the time of your coronation? When were you put into office? Have you faced the five-fold ministry preparation and the training? Perhaps you are still looking after the sheep, perhaps you have just received a word that you are called. Perhaps the Lord has just quickened to you the reality of the calling of the five-fold on your life. Perhaps your pastor has recognized the call on your life. Perhaps others have submitted to your leadership and recognize the calling on your life. Does that appoint you to Five-Fold Ministry eldership?

No, it takes more than being recognized and flowing in the gifts to stand in Kingdom Leadership within the Church.

1. LIFE: Firstly David was anointed to be king through a prophetic word – You received your revelation.

2. DEATH/CRUCIFIXION: Then David was prepared to be king through servanthood in Saul’s’ Court – You were led to submit to the leadership of another.

3. BURIAL/GRAVE: Then David was trained to be king through trials and testing in the Cave and Wilderness – You were forced to leave the system entirely for a long season.

4. RESURRECTION/ASCENSION: Then David looked and acted like a king as He ascended the throne of Judah – You were taken back into the system and began setting up your ministry.

5. GLORIFICATION: But only when He was appointed by the elders, did he truly stand as king over the nation of Israel – You were set aside by the laying on of hands by a prophet or apostle, received impartation and release through prophetic decree.

This pattern remains the same right through to the New Testament where we see Paul and Barnabas being set aside for the work by the laying on of hands by the direction of the Holy Spirit. Even Jesus was appointed by a prophet the day he was baptized by John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit descended upon him as a dove and remained. You see, it takes more than the appointment of men to set you in a five-fold ministry office. It takes the appointment of the Holy Spirit and being released by a prophet or an apostle of God who is already in office.

Until you can recall a specific time and date where the Lord set you into a five-fold leadership role and appointed you to the throne, as it were, then you are not functioning in office and cannot wear the titles of that office. You have not yet arrived and still have a path of training and preparation to walk. I thank the Lord that there are steps and progressions to be made in your calling!

About Me

Hello, my name is Ricardo Butler.

I’m here because I am passionate about helping to equip mature men and women in ministry or in church leadership who are called to or are already functioning in the Five-Fold Ministry, especially those called specifically to function within the Apostolic who lack the help, tools, wisdom, and experience to fully realize their potential in the apostolic ministry.

I know what it is like to not have a mentor or spiritual father help you to understand your calling. I know what it is like to seek help or the know-how to carry out your apostolic mandate. I know what it is like to lack the tools or experience to able to train and equip the church for their calling.

That is why I am here to help you …

  • Have your own ministry that helps others by raising others up as your own spiritual sons and daughters in the Lord
  • Establish God’s Kingdom within the hearts of His people
  • Impart to others your anointing, mandate, and mantle
  • Set up a training center for believers to get the training they need in whatever five-fold ministry gift they have or other ministry giftings
  • Empowered leaders and youth who make an impact in their communities and abroad, affecting cities and impacting nations
  • Gain more insight and wisdom so that you will have a clearer path and understanding of what God has called you to do.
  • Seek God more for strategies to pour into those who make themselves available
  • Perfect the saints for the work of the ministry and the edifying of the body of Christ

It wasn’t long ago that I was struggling with my apostolic calling, forget that fact that it took me a long time to accept the truth that apostles existed today. Back then I fought with God that the apostles were only in the Bible. That was one of the mindset struggles I had. Some of the other issues for me was finding any apostles today who could explain it. I didn’t know of any. I thought I was the only one being called to this.

In our Google age, I searched the world wide web for anything that I could find. It was like there was a “church within the church.” It was like a secret part of the Kingdom of God that was not revealed to me. Apostles were here today! The evidence and truth of Christ still calling them were all over the Scriptures. Some of the apostles I found were really prideful and acted like religious bullies. They were cold, unloving and distant. I almost gave up until I found Apostle Tim Early (RIP). He helped me balance this gift out and set it in order. He helped me to become a real apostle and do real apostolic works!

Then I discovered a way to excel in my apostolic call. It was in the Word of God all along. Most call it discipleship, but the buzz word everywhere was spiritual fathering. Jesus the Chief Apostle told His 12 apostles that they would do greater works than Him. Within a short time, they grew by leaps and bound within only 3 years. And through Apostle Tim Early and other apostolic mentors, he recommended that I should learn from greatly accelerate in my apostolic calling.

It hasn’t always been easy. I have run into problems like that are common to all apostles in the past, present, and probably until the Lord comes back. Problems like pride, lack of finances, spiritual opposition, human opposition, balancing family, work, and ministry, acceptance from the larger church world, etc.

Now I more focused, my life is more in order, my priorities are straight. I know who I belong to, who I am, and what I am called to do. And when you have all these things that God wants you to have in place, there is a genuine peace that passes all understanding and human comprehension. This allows you to function freely without fear and with hope, confidence, and patience in the Lord that He will work all things out according to His own eternal plans that He has created before the foundations of the world were laid.

I was so excited I shared this with my previous students turned spiritual sons and daughters who now stand as fully mature apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors in the Lord. The results were …

  • Me becoming a spiritual or apostolic father to them as Apostle Tim Early was for me.
  • Taking all that God has made me and given me and putting it all together as a useful blueprint for others to follow
  • Developing Apostolic and Five-Fold Ministry training and equipping in mindset, manhood, message, ministry, and mandate
  • Apostolic wisdom that allows me to build multipliable foundations in many areas of apostolic ministry: from marriage to ministry, from raising natural/spiritual children to leadership development.

And now I want to help you to get the same results and more. The first step is simple.

I’m re-opening up my Five-Fold Ministry Training school!

This training is designed for those called to the Five-Fold Ministry by offering spiritual mentorship that will help you learn how to develop your calling and leadership. I explain that God has a Kingdom mandate as well as building blueprints given to you so that you build God’s people–His Church according to the pattern shown you upon the Mount of Zion.

5 Things you WILL Learn:

  1. How to identify which one of the five-fold ministry gifts that God could be potentially calling you to so that you begin to know what your true function is within the Body of Christ.
  2. How to operate in a leadership style that bests fit the way you work best with others.
  3. Only what you need to be taught at the level of maturity that you are on so that you can actually walk and grow step by step into the leader God’s and His people need you to be
  4. Understand the vision and purpose of building a team so that you all will develop together as a corporate government to effectively mobilize God’s foundational human resources–your leadership team–whether in church, business, or as a non-profit cause
  5. How to harvest and position inheritors of God into their royal and priestly ministerial functions so that they are fully prepared for Kingdom Conquest within their home, city, community, region, nation, and ultimately globally.

I will teach you how to identify and operate in your gift, ministry, and leadership calling plus how to identify, train, and empowers others in your same gifts. I explain how all believers have at least one of the gifts and that upon knowing them you will be able to restore the Body of Christ to the way God designed it through the examples and patterns that God has given us throughout the Scriptures so that you can combine your ministry with your God-given business idea to serve God by carrying the A.R.K. (AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIP with the KING), take care of your family, and support the work of God’s Kingdom—all these things through the Church.

In this training school, I will also teach you spiritual ministry strategies, help develop your leadership potential and equip you to equip others through team building. I help new and emerging apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors how to work together as one whole team; as one workforce for the purpose of mobilizing the priesthood of every believer for ministry and Kingdom advancement in their spheres of influence.


What others are Saying:

“THIS IS TRUTH CAN’T WAIT TO HEAR THE NEXT PART!” – Joel ‘J.Prodigal Purnell, Hip-Hop Prophet

“Awesome word Brother! I am really encouraged. I believe, as well, that God is changing up how we bring in income. Regardless of the economic state right now, doors will open for many to start businesses, etc. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.” – Karen P.B., Writer/Advocate for Truth/Encourager

“My God that’s the truth! Ok now I have a different perspective. It always made me angry.” – Lady Mary Louise, Prophetess

“I want to take a moment to honor a man I’ve come to love like a father. He took time to believe in me. And he saw what I needed him to see. That I had value, and what was my worth. That I was called and set apart before my birth. Because these were things I used to know. They once shined so brightly, but now had lost their glow. Until he came with his polish and gentle touch. To bring this diamond out of the rough. Ricardo, you’ll always be a part of me. Thank you for opening the cage to set this dove free.” – Marie Barber, Prophetic Evangelist or E.P.I.C. Ministries

“This is awesome from my friend Ricardo Butler.” – Debi Fusako Burnett

“Love it. Let’s Rock! We start rolling the tapes Tuesday night. Your intro was candid, humble, honest and open, personable, and established in the Word of Truth. Yes, that about sums it up! That’s what Jesus did. That’s the Real ministry. Wisdom is about understanding the difference.” – Deborah Garner

“You have contributed to my spiritual life tremendously. Thank you for letting God use you to pour into our lives. If you don’t hear enough again thanks!!!” – Jabari Colbert

“You are an amazing young man, Ricardo! I’m just saying. Your testimony shared with such candor should be helpful to others. Some seem to never get it. They must have watched too many westerns while growing up. They still read “shepherd tenderly caring for God’s flock.” but continue to see themselves on big white horses driving cattle to the meat market! Thanks for sharing. You are the real deal.” – Apostle Don Atkin, Apostolic Alignment

“Hello, Ricardo! Trust you are doing well. I thank you for sharing Kingdom Apostolic leadership principles. Outstanding in message and ministry. Keep up the Good, Great work. I thank God for the opportunity to serve you as I say, YES to providing Kingdom resources for you … You are welcomed to visit our Foundation of Apostles & Prophets site, Regional Transformation, and Identity Network by Prophet Jeremy Lopez and draw from a number of resources to encourage, feed and train others. I have other resources that I cannot distribute as they were written before my time, or, for another dimension and realm of Glory. I love you, think about you guys and pray for you often … Apostolic Blessing USA: Bread to the Nations Broken to be served.” – Apostle Dr. Tim & Theresa Early, TNT Apostles of Foundation of Apostles & Prophets International (Rest In Peace to Apostle Tim Early, Dec. 2013)

“To my big brother, my mentor, and my friend. You have truly blessed me in so many ways that you don’t even know. Thank you for being an ear to listen and the good advice that you give me. God made no mistake when he chose this day to form you into a beautiful creature inside and out. I wish you many, many more days to come with lots of love and blessings from above. Love you. God bless!” – Taletha Thompson

How Does it Work and What Does it Cost?

Everyone learns differently, so how would you like to receive your training–in which of the forms below would you rather receive your training? 

  • Ebooks/Training Manuals/Ecourses/Online Courses (Read the whole training at your own pace) = $11 to $40 Depending on the book price

Training Manuals List

SECTION 1: FREE Orientation

  • King David IN You (Available)
  • The ‘I AM’ Identity in Christ 7 Part Series Introduction (Available)

SECTION 2: FREE Basic Ministry/Leadership Training!

01. Finding Your Five-Fold Gifting with Assessment (Available)
02. The Disciplined Deacon (Servants First Series) (Available)
03. The Blameless Bishop (Elders) Series (Available)
04. The Five-Fold Ministry – Death, Burial, Resurrection, Ascension, & Glorification Series (Available)  
05. Ways to Hear God’s Voice Series (Available) 
06. Face-To-Face with God Series (Coming Soon)
07. The Old Covenant Vs. The New Covenant (Available)
08. New Covenant Blessing Series (Coming Soon)
09. 200 Fold Anointing Series (Coming Soon)

SECTION 4: Five Fold Ministry Training!

[01] The Protective Pastor Series (Available) = $11
[02] Pastoral Counseling Series (Coming Soon)
[03] The Energetic Evangelist Series (Available) = $11 
[04] The Tenacious Teacher Series (Available) = $40

[05] The Passionate Prophet 101 Series (Available) = $20
[06] The Passionate Prophet 201 Prophetic Ministry Series (Available) = $25
[07] The Passionate Prophet 301 Prophetic Warfare Series (Available) = $25
[08] The Passionate Prophet 401 Prophetic Office Series (Available) = $35

SECTION 5: Apostolic Individual Training!

[09] Apostolic Ministry Training 101 Series (Available) = $40
[10] Apostolic Ministry Training 201 The Teaching Apostle Series (Available) = $29
[11] Apostolic Ministry Training 301 The Prophetic Apostle Series (Available) = $31
[12] Apostolic Ministry Training 401 The Evangelistic Apostle Series (Available) = $18
[13] Apostolic Ministry Training 501 The Pastoral Apostle Series (Available) = $26

SECTION 6: Business and Church Planting Training! (ALL of these Training Manuals below will be upgraded or combined with other books between now and 2020)

[14] Ministry & Marketplace Combined Series (Coming Soon)
[15] Fivefold Entrepreneur Signs Series (Coming Soon)
[16] The Entrepreneurial Anointing Series (Coming Soon)
[17] The Fivefold Entrepreneur Calling Series (Coming Soon)
[18] The Seven Apostolic Entrepreneurial Leadership Series (Coming Soon)
[19] Ships of Tarshish Business Series (Coming Soon)
[20] Creative Entrepreneurial Influences (Coming Soon)
[21] Anointed to Get Wealth (Coming Soon)
[22] The Five Principles of Selling Series (Coming Soon)
[23] Seven Pillars of Wisdom for Business Series (Coming Soon)
[24] The Online Entrepreneur Series (Coming Soon)
[25] How to Start a House Church Series (Coming Soon)
[26] Building God’s Dream House Series (Coming Soon)

  • Newsletter Subscription (I drip feed from ONLY the Five-Fold Ministry Series books a lesson 3 days a week or more  until the whole course is completed) = $7 a month or $77 a year

  • 6 Month Group Training on Facebook/Linkedin (You learn with a group or bring your whole team) = $20 a month for 6 months or a one-time fee of $100

  • 1-on-1 Mentorship/Coaching (I help you Develop you in your Five-Fold Ministry Calling) = $45 a month for 9 months or a one-time fee of $350

  • 12 Month Extensive Apostolic Fathering/Consulting (I Equip YOU in ALL Five-Fold Ministries) = $99 a month for 12 months or a one time fee $1,000


NOT READY YET? Subscribe to my Newsletter where I will be sharing information (WISDOM) and content (TRUTH) to help (LOVE) and equip (BUILD UP) emerging Kingdom-minded ministers to be Five Fold Leaders and spiritual PARENTS (fathers and mothers) in the home, ministry, and marketplace! So go get my FREE e-Book here for signing up!


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