1. Apostles in the areas of Apostolic/Kingdom Dimensions and Mindsets, Apostolic People, Apostolic Gifting, Apostolic Ministry, Apostolic Office/Leadership/Responsibilities, Apostolic Character etc.
  2. Apostolic people who are starting or restarting their ministry with NO team
  3. Apostolic people who have an established ministry WITH OR WITHOUT team
  4. Believers called to Become Apostles or who function in an Apostolic Ministry
  5. Apostolic Centers, Antioch Sending Churches, Apostolic Hubs, Kingdom Embassies, Apostolic Ministry Equipping Centers, Apostolic Churches, etc.
  6. Apostolic Entrepreneurship and how the apostle relates and functions in a small business.
  7. Apostolic Marriage & Family: I will be sharing the day to day living of being a father, husband, provider, and leader in the home who is an apostle
  8. Apostolic Training Modules for the purpose of helping and aiding the apostle on how to equip and train others in the Five Fold Ministry.
  9. Apostolic Teams: I’m Defining ‘Apostolic’ as Prophetic, Teaching, Pastoral, and Evangelistic in this ministry. If you are a Prophet, Teacher, Pastor, or Evangelist, you will be taught, mentored, trained, and equipped to be an apostolic Prophet, an apostolic Teacher, an apostolic Pastor, and/or an apostolic Evangelist.
  10. Apostolic/Prophetic Vision Development (Dream, Purpose, Process, Destiny, & some Business Planning)
  11. Apostolic Strategies, Wisdom, and Warfare and on how to engage the 7 Mountains of Influence to spread the Kingdom of God over the nations.
  12. Apostolic Books: With my Urban Apostles’ Solutions, I will be releasing books on the apostolic dealing with many topics that pertain to the apostolic ministry (The Urban Apostle, The Apostolic Heretic, The Blueprints and Patterns Shown the Apostles on the Mount of Zion, etc).
  13. All things Apostolic: Like Apostolic Pattern, Apostolic Blueprint, Apostolic Doctrine, Apostles’ Doctrine, Apostolic Teaching, The 12 Apostles, apostolic revelation, apostolic reformation, apostolic recognition, apostolic destiny, Apostolic Mentoring, Apostolic Fathering, apostolic entrepreneur, etc.
  14. The Chief Apostle—Christ Jesus as He is the FOUNDATION and TRUE BLUEPRINT, PATTERN, PROTOTYPE, AND MODEL of ALL things that relate to the Apostle and the Apostolic.


  1. Upcoming Books in the Work (DATED JUNE 2016)
  2. Study to Show Yourself the Truth

About Your Identity in Christ

  1. 15 Truths About Your Identity in Christ from the Creation Story
  2. I Am a Creator Created to Be Creative & Create
  3. I Have Power and Authority to Speak Light in Dark
  4. I Can Call into Existence and Name things with Purpose


  1. 12 Things I Learned from Adam’s Disobedience about Family Life

Lessons from Apostle Tim Early (RIP)

  1. Positioned for Possession in your Progression
  2. Rest Meets Resurrection (The 7th and 3rd Day are ONE)
  3. Kingdom Principles for our Journey
  4. Apostolic Fatherhood and Sonship – Relational Kingdom Ministry
  5. A Man of Principle, The Principal Principle
  6. Releasing Apostolic Provision
  7. The 7 {Seven} Spirits of God
  8. The 10 Important Dimensions of the Apostolic


  1. Apostolic Lessons & Lessons for Apostles from the Book of Galatians
  2. 7 Things We Can ALL Learn About the Apostle’s Ministry of the Gospel
  3. 10 Truths Apostles Can Learn About Their Calling from the Adam in Garden
  4. 7 Things we ALL can Learn About the Apostle’s Ministry of the True Gospel
  5. Peace Between the Apostolic Farmer & the Pastoral Herdsman
  6. Apostles Sometimes Have to Apply Logic to Their Teachings for Christian to Get It
  7. 16 Lessons Every Apostle Can Learn from the Creation Story Part 1


  1. The Gospel of Christ—the Only Gospel—is ABOUT GOD’S GOVERNMENT


  1. The Top 12 Equipping Tools I Use to Develop Leaders

Kingdom Principles for Everyday Kingdom Living

  1. Evaluate Your Situation with Wisdom and Create Your Reality


  1. Understanding Why God Destroyed Mankind with the Flood
  2. Rate Your Year of Effectiveness for God’s Kingdom in 2017

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