Brief Bio and History of Ricardo Butler

I was born, Ricardo Jerome Butler, in Orlando, FL on, December 12th, 1978.


My name is Ricardo Butler which means “leadership Servant” or Servant Leadership. As a name that has been given to me by God, I seek to be a better leader than most, a different leader from most, a more creative leader than most, and of course as the name of my business and ministry a more “Artistic Leader” than most. I learned at the feet of Apostle Tim Early as I carry God’s vision given to him for the local, regional, and global transformation of the world.


My entrepreneurial Kingdom apostolic ministry is called Ricardo Equips Apostolic Leaders (R.E.A.L.), LLC. I am also the apostolic founder of the Urban Apostles’ Network, Five Fold Davidical School, A.R.K. Music (formerly known as Davidical Arts Music Group, which my spiritual daughter Pastor & CEO Taletha Thompson now leads and runs with her own team), and Apostolic Solutions Coaching & Consulting Firm.


Below is just a brief capsule of what Ricardo Equips Artistic Leaders offer in equipping and training in …


  • The Science of Personal Strategies and Spiritual Technologies –
  • Architectural Patterns and Designs for Personal Development and Growth dynamics –
  • Vision – Direction – Stabilizing Influences – Grounded to Grow in Life applications – Life Resources for clear LIFE choices
  • Marriage Enrichment Sessions – Multifaceted, rich sessions
  • Corporate and Personal Vision Development
  • Mobile Leadership Interlink
  • Reformed Economics
  • Construct of LIFE – Interfacing and Interacting New Dimensions
  • Engineering and Reshaping our Understanding of Wealth and Prosperity
  • By Enlightenment: You are Becoming What You Already Are
  • Marketplace and Workforce Interpenetration –
  • Born to BE and Born to Do – Doing Comes out of BEING
  • Creativity and Imagination – The vast Elohim – Unlimited Discoveries of Creating Atmospheres and Environments –
  • Perception and Paradigms – Mentality changes Creates Challenging New Directions – Reality through perception
  • Attitude to Altitude – Principles of Success and Authenticity –
  • The Genius of the Gene {Genes, Genesis, Genealogy, Genetics, Generation}
  • The Principles of Potential – The Potentate of Our Potential versus Impotent Life
  • Inner Thought and Inner Life in an External World –
  • R.E.A.L. Relationships – Maximizing Relationships with Bold New Interactive sessions – Tell it like it is or Live it as it is supposed to be told.


Ricardo Equips Apostolic Leaders is here to stir, steer, and to stimulate your God-given internal states into a more potent discovery, and for you to reach your fullest measure and potential.

I went from growing up in gangs most of my life, to serving in the US Army, to doing prison time, and even to graduated from Full Sail University with a Bachelors in Music Business and Entrepreneurship.

Finally my life took a turn for the worst. I caught a domestic battery charge fighting my former wife, and ended up in the system. Then I ended up violating my probation. The judge sentenced me to 18 months in prison. The same day I was sentenced was the same day God showed me without a doubt in my heart and mind that He had been calling me. And I just said to myself I couldn’t run from God’s call anymore. So actually, I didn’t start really following and walking with the Lord until 2004.

In the year of 2001 July 16th, my first offense of 1 count of domestic battery (misdemeanor) and 2 counts aggravated assault with deadly weapon. Original sentence 3 years probation and completion of AA and batter’s intervention. Failure to pay for and complete class due to job loss. Violation of probation brought 18 months prison sentence. Early release after 11.5 months on July 1st 2005. Been clean since.

My life was basically a Jonah story. I missed my mark when I was younger. But now the Lord got me back on track. When I was in prison, I asked the Lord, “How can I still do rap anymore?” My heart was still dirty, and my tongue was full of bad words. I haven’t even heard Christian hip-hop before. So I had nothing to motivate or show me how to do it.

At the time I asked the Lord that question, I was reading the call of Moses. God had asked Moses what was in his hand. And Moses told God he had the staff or rod. And God asked me a similar question. He said “What’s in your hand Ricardo.” I said a pencil and some paper. He said, “Just write, I’ll do the rest.” In one week I had written the entire “God’s Armor” album. And after I looked over it, I could not take any credit for it. I fell on my face and cried like Peter did in front of Jesus on Peter’s boat concerning the fishing net situation. God asked me, “Did you ever wonder why you know and quote so much of My Scriptures, and people come up to you and ask you how did you learn all those Scriptures, and you said you didn’t know, that they just seemed to pop into your head.” I said yea. And God was like, “I did that, so that when you wrote your songs all you would be doing is rapping My Words, the Scriptures.”

Did a little radio DJ’ing at WPRK 91.5 FM Rollins College Winter Park Radio with DJ Lyv Wyr and Halloway. I have put out about two mixtapes as non-Christian artist and I have put out fifteen mixtapes and albums combine (of two of them I produced all myself and did the album covers and flyers for promotion). I have organized a Christian Hip Hop tour in 2007 called the Seed of Faith State of Florida Christian Music Tour with twelve other artists of different genres of gospel. After that I was invited to give advice and perform on two other tours.

With these array of low points and high points are the experiences from God that gives me the right mixture of leadership expertise, experiences, and excitement to equip and impart into the lives of many by the anointing of the Spirit of God on the top. Having been appointed and ordained in four of the Five Fold Leadership Offices (Evangelist, Pastor, Apostle, Prophet–in that order), you would think I have held all five by the way that I teach (Teacher).

My calling is unique for this time and era and my apostolic anointing is a similar offspring of that of a Davidical but of greater glory, which allows me to train, equip, and care for the New Covenant Glorious Bride in Christ. I am not afraid to be real and honest and I am very open about my personal life from failures to successes. All of these are the exact tools, along with the Scriptures that allows me to continue to follow Christ as He leads, guides, and corrects me to aid you in the creative development of your unique calling, ministry, and business.

From L to R & Top to Bottom: Miracle, Reneta, Ricardo, Isaiah, and Naomi
From L to R & Top to Bottom: Miracle, Reneta, Ricardo, Isaiah, and Naomi
My daughter Arielle
My daughter Arielle

God has blessed me with a godly wife (Reneta Butler) as well and three more children. Now I have 3 beautiful girls (Miracle, Arielle, Naomi) and a son (Isaiah) in my life that God has placed in my care. And I will continue to follow Christ as He leads, guides, and corrects me. Once again they are available for ministry and are here to serve you and yours.


I also cannot forget to add a new addition to my family tree. My daughter Miracle had her daughter, my granddaughter Majesty!!!



I’m passionate about helping and equipping emerging Five Fold Ministry Leaders to be strategic, creative, artistic, innovative, entrepreneurial, and cutting edge problem solving Spiritual Parents and to understand how to greatly increase the Family of God’s impact in its work for the Kingdom of God so that Body of Christ in all regions result in tangible fruit in God’s Garden! If you or another leader you know is hitting the wall on how to successfully fulfill your Leadership responsibility within the family, army, & government of God with the measure of the grace that God has given you, I can help you. Ricardo Equips Apostolic Leaders is here for you.

What others are Saying:

“THIS IS TRUTH CANT WAIT TO HEAR THE NEXT PART!” – Joel ‘J.Prodigal Purnell, Hip-Hop Prophet

“Awesome word Brother! I am really encouraged. I believe, as well, that God is changing up how we bring in income. Regardless of the economic state right now, doors will open for many to start businesses, etc. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.” – Karen P.B., Writer/Advocate for Truth/Encourager

“My God that’s the truth! Ok now I have a different perspective. It always made me angry.” – Lady Mary Louise, Prophetess

“I want to take a moment to honor a man I’ve come to love like a father. He took time to believe in me. And he saw what I needed him to see. That I had value, and what was my worth. That I was called and set apart before my birth. Because these were things I used to know. They once shined so brightly, but now had lost their glow. Until he came with his polish and gentle touch. To bring this diamond out of the rough. Ricardo, you’ll always be a part of me. Thank you for opening the cage to set this dove free.” – Marie Barber, Prophetic Evangelist or E.P.I.C. Ministries

“This is awesome from my friend Ricardo Butler.” – Debi Fusako Burnett

“Love it. Let’s Rock! We start rolling the tapes Tuesday night. Your intro was candid, humble, honest and open, personable, and established in the Word of Truth. Yes, that about sums it up! That’s what Jesus did. That’s the Real ministry. Wisdom is about understanding difference.” – Deborah Garner

“You have contributed to my spiritual life tremendously. Thank you for letting God use you to pour into our lives. If you don’t hear enough again thanks!!!” – Jabari Colbert

“You are an amazing young man, Ricardo! I’m just saying. Your testimony shared with such candor should be helpful to others. Some seem to never get it. They must have watched too many westerns while growing up. They still read “shepherd tenderly caring for God’s flock.” but continue to see themselves on big white horses driving cattle to the meat market! Thanks for sharing. You are the real deal.” – Apostle Don Atkin, Apostolic Alignment

“Hello Ricardo! Trust you are doing well. I thank you for sharing Kingdom Apostolic leadership principles. Outstanding in message and ministry. Keep up the Good, Great work. I thank God for the opportunity to serve you as I say, YES to providing Kingdom resources for you to the N.J.. B.C… NATION… You are welcomed to visit our Foundation of Apostles & Prophets site, Regional Transformation, and Identity Network by Prophet Jeremy Lopez and draw from a number of resources to encourage, feed and train others. I have other resources that I cannot distribute as they were written before my time, or, for another dimension and realm of Glory. I love you, think about you guys and pray for you often … Apostolic Blessing USA: Bread to the Nations Broken to be served.” – Apostle Dr. Tim & Theresa Early, TNT Apostles of Foundation of Apostles & Prophets International (Rest In Peace to Apostle Tim Early, Dec. 2013)

“To my big brother, my mentor and my friend. You have truly blessed me in so many ways that you don’t even know. Thank you for being an ear to listen and the good advice that you give me. God made no mistake when he chose this day to form you into a beautiful creature inside and out. I wish you many, many more days to come with lots of love and blessings from above. Love you. God bless!” – Taletha Thompson

For further information {Transformation} please contact Ricardo Equips Apostolic Leaders at


If you have any questions, need more prayer, or if I can help you in any way, feel free to inbox me or write me.


May the LORD bless you, and keep you: may the LORD make His face shine upon you, and be gracious unto you: may the LORD lift up His presence upon you, and give you peace, in the name of Jesus Christ WHO IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Amen!


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Love you and Christ bless!

Apostle Ricardo 'Reason' Butler @
Apostle Ricardo ‘Reason’ Butler

Your Personal Feet Washer

Ricardo ‘Ricardo’ Butler

Apostolic Founder & CEO of Ricardo Equips Apostolic Leaders (R.E.A.L.), LLC @


I’m passionate about helping and equipping apostolic leaders & ministers such as yourself to equip more five fold ministry leaders and spiritual parents to rule well in the home, ministry, marketplace, and local community!”


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