Rest Meets Resurrection (The 7th and 3rd Day are ONE)

Rest Meets Resurrection By Apostle Tim Early
Rest Meets Resurrection By Apostle Tim Early

Your New Year begins with a New You – Your future is NOW!


By Apostle Tim Early


In the Spiritual dimension there is being resounded and applauded cheerfully and with such expectancy and unprecedented jubilant anticipation the hearing of the sound of a huge intimately marital kiss, the union of lips and the emerging of breath together from the 7th day of Man {Adam – Human History} and the 3rd Day of Christ’s Resurrection and glorious Body {of Christ – HIS STORY}.


As we have crossed over into the New Millennium leader-shift we discover that the corporate overcomer, the kingpriest ministry, the saints in light, or Christ the body, has become endowed, endued, and imbued with profound revelatory insights and unlimited power of the 3rd Day Resurrected LIFE, for in truth there is only ONE LIFE to live.

As the dimensional shifting continues not only in practical arenas of everyday living but in new perceptions leading into new paradigms, we are suddenly witnessing a bold new thrust in the corporate glory of the Lord to not merely pierce the realms of darkness with light, nor alone to penetrate it, but to PIONEER this Light and LIFE in all spheres and phases of life, for Light belongs in the darkness. John 1:1-12


In this we behold clearly with an open heavens, better yet, a stayed open heavens that the 3rd Day of Christ’s resurrection is not alone an event to be celebrated on our calendars hundreds of years from now, nor left alone to date setters and historical fact finders. But the Resurrection LIFE is kairos revelation that we are NOW moving into the principles of the Kingdom regarding HIS LIFE, Resurrection, the Zoe of God, which is Abundant, Everlasting, and Endless, a LIFE from beyond the “veil of no limitations” as something Bill Britton would often preach about many years ago.


If we wait to enter into the actual 3rd day of Christ’s resurrection by way of Calendar or chronos time, for the actual 3000th year to date to transpire from his actual resurrection, then we may easily miss HIS operation and Design for us to BECOME what we already are NOW by divine enlightenment, seeing that we are already Quickened Together with HIM, Raised together with HIM, and seated together with HIM in Heavenly places. {Ephesians 2} … If we don’t grasp and apprehend this glorious reality we would not be inclined to execute or to become the instrumentation of the Kingdom NOW, while waiting for something cataclysmic to happen in the far-reaching future.


And while we are on the subject, bear in mind as there are apostolic blessings to true givers committed to the apostolic dimension and for apostolic provision of true apostles in Philippians 4:17-19, there is also Apocalyptic {Apocalypse} Blessings too, in seeing that the “Revelation” {Revelation 1:1; Ephesians 1:17} or in the Greek “Apokolupsis” is not a mere word promulgated in the future text by the proponents of dispensationalism, but is a word which reveals, discloses, uncovers, unveils, and makes manifest first and foremost the Revelation of Jesus Christ.


This word has been cleverly butchered and slaughtered over the years by the experts of futurist text that so often when people hear of the mentioning of Revelation, or even the alluding to the book of Revelation {Revolution}, the conjecture and mental imaging of devastation, destruction, catastrophic desolation, and impending doom arises in the lofty heights of the carnal mind, something hard for many to simply break away from …


But today beloved, we can now proclaim apocalyptic blessings, blessings of Revealing Glory, blessings of revealing insights into the true nature of things, now, all times, and always, for WISDOM is the principle thing. We can proclaim apocalyptic and revelational blessings outside of the range of doomsdays thinking, that God is I AM, ever revealing, HIS is who HE and will be whomever man is in need of Him to be. Proclaim now Apocalyptic blessings, prophetic revelation for everyday living. Proclaim NOW apocalyptic blessings of Christ’s triumphal reign in all things.


This is in essence what apocalyptic blessings are, blessings of revelatory dominion, blessings of the undisputed champion, King Jesus, blessings of the end of the book, “We WON for HE IS!!” Blessings of the overcomer inheriting ALL things! Blessings of obeying and keeping the sayings of the book. Blessings of declaring satan’s defeat and the reign and glory of the Lord’s saints, the saints possessing the Kingdom, the Kingdom being the real world … Daniel 7:21, 22, 27; Revelation 5:10.



Back to the 3rd and 7th day …


It is believed at large that we are nearing the 3rd historical day {3rd millennium} of Christ’s resurrection and the 7th day {millennium} of Adam or the Human Race. In this line of thought, let us build a brief discussion of the mystery {knowledge withheld} and revelation {knowledge revealed} of both the 7th day and the 3rd day.


On the 7th day, which became Man’s first day, the focus was on the LORD, not man. God or Elohim had finished his work on the 6th day, and man’s first day or 7th day after creation was to enjoy through the stewardship and dominion the works of the hands of God. Man was to live LIFE from the 7th Day, ceasing from his own labor and resting in HIS accomplishments!


On the 6th day, God made man and the beast, but when you add 6+6 to the 6th day, a triad of three makes man as God, {6} me, {6} myself, {I}, or man at his beast or man at his beast, right where you work {Hand} and right where you think {Head} … Revelation 13.


That is why God made man and beast on the 6th day, and in principle, either we are walking in the upright image of God on the 6th day or is walking in the creeping image of the beast, lower realm, the wild {i.e. the purpose of the WILD-er-ness, in part work out the WILD in us}, untamed, & unprincipled.


So God made man for communion and dominion, and dominion does not take precedence over communion. Without communion you have man who turns from the Tree of Life {Dependence IN God} while nibbling away at the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil {Independence FROM God}.


Since man’s first full day is the 7th day, the day after the 6th day, then man is to LIVE, Move, and to have his BEING in the revelation of HIS Rest, HIS Sabbath, HIS Finished Work as in Genesis 2 below …


“Thus the heavens and earth were finished [Complete, done deal], and all the host of them. And on the 7th day God ended His work which He had made: and He rested on the 7th day … And God blessed the 7th day [Day of His rest] and sanctified it … These are the generations of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God [no longer just Elohim, now Lord of Creation, the Lord’s doing, Lord of all that HE has done] made the earth an the heavens.” (Genesis 2:1-4).


There is nothing to hint that man has to work up anything for the Lord, or to make things happen for God, or to conjure up a thing to appease the Father. The same with the work of the ministry. Our life is to be characterized not by our rest, but HIS. All God’s man {God-man} has to do is to walk in the image and likeness of God {Genesis 1:26, 28}, the precursor and prelude to dominion through communion {no onion}, and to enter into the REST of God for which the 7th day was made.


Man’s first day of rulership in God begins through man’s relationship in GOD. Dominion is to become the outflow of communion; otherwise the Great commission becomes the Great Commotion. Bethel becomes Babel, the babbling of Babylon.



The Key word here is “Rest.”


Now on the 3rd day of Resurrection …


When Jesus was resurrected, He became the firstborn among many brethren. His arising was our arising; His ascension became our ascension. In the predetermined counsel of the Lord, and in the pre-carnate Word of God, we were called, justified and glorified before we were ever born {Romans 8:30}, predestinated or pre-Destiny.


In John 11 Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life, and was this and much before His death and burial. He did not have to wait until death for there to be a resurrection, for He was and is the Resurrection and the LIFE, even to those whom believe. Before Abraham was, I AM …


The 3rd day Resurrection LIFE is the power of God unto the fullness of our Salvation, from Spirit being saved {30}, soul being saved {soul} and body to be saved {mortal puts on immortality}, for we shall be changed … 1st Corinthians 15 …


The 3rd Day is Christ conquering death, loosing that man and letting him go, causing a radiant and powerful release of man to walk with God, as God has always desired to walk with man. This Word then, becomes flesh and tabernacles among us, pitches His tent, a Word which becomes substance and tangibility, a now and proceeding Word in the midst {even the middle} of us – Ezekiel’s wheel in the middle of the wheel.



The 3rd Day in Christ restores HIS Image in the earth .. Genesis 1:26


The 3rd Day in Christ enables, empowers, equips, enlarges, and extracts {All vitamin “E”} from within us the very thing we were born to be and to do, and brings us into the present position of the Kingdom which is rooted in the Dominion Mandate of Genesis 1:28 or the Dominion of Purpose …


The 3rd Day in Christ’s resurrection causes us to demonstrate this life in all spheres, not alone in securing good church services but in every THOUGHT of life; for HE has already blessed us with all things pertaining unto LIFE {HIS} and godliness. {Peter’s epistles} …


The 3rd Day is not alone a day of quickening, earth shaking, heaven loosing power, but is also in correlation to the 7th day in Adam in this wise …



The Key word here is “Resurrection”


There has been 4 days already since the 1st Adam unto the Last Adam Christ, the Quickening Spirit. From Christ unto now we get 3 days, 3 being the number of the heavens and resurrection, and 4 from Adam to Christ being the number of the earth. For 4 days is the realm of the earthly, and from Christ 3 more days added days {1000 years as one day} means that HEAVEN {3} and EARTH {4} are come together as one, heaven and earth kisses, the union of the lips and merging of breath, the oneness of God and man, the days of the voice of the 7th angel, the mysteries of God being completed, or finished. Revelation 10:7


From Adam the first man is the earth earthy. From the second man or Last Adam the Lord from heaven and quickening Spirit. {1st Corinthians 15:45-54} In Adam all die, in Christ all live. Now here is the revelation … There are only 2 people on the entire face of the earth, 1 – Adam and 2 – Christ. Adam is the federal head of the human race, and Christ is the federal head of the New Creation Man – a spiritual race, a whole new being …


That which is first is natural {1st Corinthians 15}, or that which is first implies Adam, not merely us starting out in the natural. The natural is the old Adamic nature, the lower realm, man at his beast and man at his beast. {Isaiah 14, Ezekiel 28} in contrast to the Lord of glory {John 1:1-14}. In God is first the Spiritual, our identity and true heritage, HIS true lineage in the earth. We are inspired {In Spirit}, not merely motivated to get into the Spirit. Inspired is IN SPIRIT. We don’t spend our life trying to get IN SPIRIT, the concern should be why are we not increasing and bearing fruitfulness in the IN-SPIRIT {ed} realm that we were created to be? Why are we not walking in the IN-SPIRIT, the INSPIRED of God as always God Inspires, and man in his humanness aspires?


In the Realm of Spirit, there are some things we are not trying to move into, but is coming from. Yes beloved, the Holy of Holies is not merely about trying to attain, but in truth is a dimension of glory we are moving out of, or, that is, in ministering from. If we can receive this, we are already there, but the mind must be renewed to this staggering truth, otherwise we spend so much time trying to attain this position when in truth we were already born there – born to be, and born to do …


The one true purpose of Resurrection {To stand, to cause to stand to raise up} is to bring to LIFE and LIGHT the greater glory and reality of the 7th Day of God’s REST, His Sabbath {Hebrews 3-4}, and to live in the Power thereof in walking out this Life – giving and Life – changing nature. HIS Life awakens us in Resurrection the same position we have in Christ, in contrast to the first Adam, although the first Adam too, was given Dominion over the earth.


Resurrection brings to LIGHT His REST, What God had already did after the 6th day of creation, for in truth, all that is to be created has been created in 6 days. God is simply manifesting what HE has already done within 6 days! It’s a Done Deal folks, and the 3rd Day Resurrection brings to Light that Done Deal, the Finished Work of the Cross …


The 7th Day {1000 years} from Adam is in essence the 7th Day of God’s dealings in humanity, and the 3rd Day {3rd Millennium} of Christ {His BODY, the Fullness of HIM that fills all in all} takes it to a new level, as day 5-7 in Adam is really Day 1-3 in Christ, for again, we are referring to a NEW Creation. 2nd Corinthians 5:17 … Note below …



Each day is 1000 years…


Day 1 – 4 {4000 Years from Adam to Christ – human history}

Day 1 – 3 {3000 Years from Christ – HIS STORY}


Day 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 {Adam – Human Race}

Day 1 – 2 – 3 {Christ – New Creation} – which in Adam is day 5 – 6 – 7


But again, Life begins Anew in Christ, Day 1, 2, and 3

From Adam or the human race, it would be day 5, 6, 7…


The 4000 years of Adam to Christ is a Shadow of Christ or things to come. When the Light is cast onto the Christ, it reveals the shadow of the 4000 from Adam to Christ. The 3000 approaching years from Christ into the 3rd millennium is the LIGHT. Before Christ, the Shadow, Since Christ, the Substance. In truth, Christ is shedding Light into Shadows … Amen and Amen!



Our History in truth becomes HIS Story


All things are summed in the Christ, History resumes its beginning and fulfillment in the Christ – Ephesians 1:10


REST then is brought to LIGHT in RESURRECTION. Resurrection brings to Light the Finished Work and REST of God. The 7 Days of man are tied into the 3rd Day of the New Creation Man …


7 Days {7000 years} of History is bringing things to a revelation of HIS REST, and 3 Days of the Corporate Christ, the many-membered Son, is bringing to Light Resurrection. Therefore, Rest meets Resurrection, or is ONE in uniting principle. Thank God for both the 7th day, the Day of His REST, and the 3rd Day, the Day of His Resurrection…


Remember, 3 {3 Days of Christ on earth through HIS glorious body, the church, the saints, HIS kingPriest ministry} and 4 {4 Days of Man before Christ, from Adam, Patriarchs, Priests, Kings, Prophets, etc. to Christ} makes up the number 7. And the scripture speaks or us to number our days and to apply our heart unto wisdom and understanding. Yes beloved, we can number our days by adding significant meaning thereof through scriptural numbering, the revelation of Kingdom numerics …


Are we living in the 3rd day reality of 3 being the number of resurrection, or in the number 11 {Genesis 11} symbolic of confusion and one apostle {Judas} short of 12? Or are we living in 6 the number of man? Are we living in 4 the number of the earth, or are we being quickened into the last Adam, the 3 or resurrection, the New Man? Is 3 and 4 becoming ONE in us? Are we eating things conducive to the Last Adam, the Quickening Spirit, or are we a part of the old T.V. series “The Adam’s Family?”


Let us grow in grace and see that the 7th day of man and the 3rd day from Christ is Rest and Resurrection. Let us boldly apprehend this as an overcoming lifestyle, not as head knowledge, but in truth, the knowledge of our ascended HEAD and risen LORD.


We have ministered these truths now for over 33 and half years, and you are welcome to invite us to speak into your assemblies and regions. We offer also schools of ministries and is a relational Kingdom ministry …You are welcomed to contacting us at any time …


Until then, Kingdom NOW …

Apostle Tim & Theresa Early @
Apostle Tim & Theresa Early @

Dr. Tim and Theresa Early

Global Leadership Institute

KIN {Koinonia International Network}

Tim Early and Associates {TEA}


Dr. Tim and Theresa Early are the senior apostles and founders of the F.A.P. International {Ephesians 2:20-22}, first established in Houston, TX since 1994, and stationed as its epicenter now in Ruston, LA. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, married for over 32 years and Apostle Tim with 37 years of Ministry in 2008, Dr. Tim has been an apostle most of his life, happily married, and the parents of 2 sons and one daughter.

The Earlys are also the founders of the Global Leadership Institute {GLI – Epicenter of Kingdom instrumentations and technologies}, Tim Early and Associates {TEA – a JosephDanielNehemiah initiative to the marketplace}, C.U.S.H. or Corporate Unction and Strategies Habitation}, and R.U.S.T.O.N. Ruston United Strategies Training Operation Network.

As spiritual fathers and vanguard leaders in the 21st century leader-shift, Apostle Tim and Theresa are given to witness the generational blessing of Isaiah 58:12, the foundation of many generations.

Rev. Dr. Timothy Leonard Early, of Ruston, Louisiana expired on Monday, December 23, 2013, at Northern Louisiana Medical Center in Ruston, Louisiana.




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  1. Apostle Ricardo…i want to express my gratitude to you for all your wonderful teachings..,as they have been on the spot when it comes to the kairos time,…i am highly motivated and stirred by them…please keep forwarding timeless teachings as they plumb the depths of my spirit……I pray The Wind of His Spirit refresh your spirit …,yours and your precious family…always.


    1. Welcome brother. I have restarted this blog. So while I am adding new messages, I am releasing the archive of my spiritual father Apostle Tim Early’s teachings and re-posting previous articles from my old blog. That’s about 600+ articles and lessons to come. Love you and Christ bless!


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