10 Truths Apostles Can Learn About Their Calling from the Adam in Garden

10 Truths Apostles Can Learn About Their Calling from the Adam in Garden
10 Truths Apostles Can Learn About Their Calling from the Adam in Garden

By Ricardo ‘Reason’ Butler


It is said that the apostolic ministry was first revealed to us in the Bible when Jesus mentioned them in His ministry. There is also a saying that goes, “The Old Testament is the New Testament Concealed and the New Testament in the Old Testament revealed.”
This is true as the whole New Covenant and even the Book of Revelation was already written through the symbolisms, metaphors, allegories, parables, and proverbs in the Old Testament.

The shadowy image of the apostolic ministry has always been there in the Old Testament. Remember Christ is an apostle, which would mean that God the Father is the original apostle. All that the Father does is apostolic in nature since the apostolic is of or from who He is.


After the first chapter, God says that He would make man in His likeness and image. This would also mean that God shares with us the shadow of the apostolic ministry in the life of Adam.


Don’t think because we here the word “apostle” in the New Testament means that the apostle didn’t exist in principles and pictures in the Old Testament. God IS, WAS, and always WILL BE! Therefore the Apostle IS, WAS, and always WILL BE until the fulfillment of the purpose of the apostle on earth.


Here are 10 pictures of the function of the apostle that applies to the apostolic call in the creation of Adam, the Garden of Eden, and Eve.


  1. God creates every apostle to fulfill a need in the earth. “… no shrub or plant of the field was yet in the earth, and no herb of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God had not caused it to rain on the earth, and there was no man to cultivate the ground.” (Gen. 2:5, AMP). God wanted to create the Garden of Eden, but He would also need someone to take care of the Garden too.
  2. Every apostle is given a realm of operation that he/she is responsible for. “God took the Man and set him down in the Garden of Eden to work the ground and keep it in order.” (Gen. 2:15, The Message). God has a specific location to work from. Paul calls this, “measure of rule” (2. Cor 10:13-16). It could be in a community, a family, among a tribe, locally, statewide, regionally, nationally, internationally, culturally, globally, etc. This is the Apostles “Garden.”
  3. Every apostle is given specific instructions within his area of responsibility. And Jehovah God layeth a charge on the man, saying, ‘Of every tree of the garden eating thou dost eat; and of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, thou dost not eat of it, for in the day of thine eating of it — dying thou dost die.’ (Gen. 2:16-17, Young’s Literal Translation). There are things to do and things not to do. The reason for this is for effectiveness and efficiency as well as to produce faithfulness and fruitfulness from the apostle. Resources (God’s good graces) are only granted to you in your measure of rule. When you step out of bounds God can and will cut of your blessings and provision granted by grace.
  4. No apostle is called to work alone. And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone …(Gen. 2:18a, KJV). It’s just unhealthy spiritual, emotionally, and physically for apostles to work alone. It is literally draining to try to “do the work of the ministry” by yourself. You will burn out.
  5. Though no apostle is called to work along, every apostle will have to endure a time of loneliness in the beginning of their ministry. And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.(Gen. 2:18, KJV). Even Jesus was alone for 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness. A lot of those God calls to the apostolic ministry usually start out as pioneers and innovators by themselves as God has reveal some kind of need for change among His people. Sooner or later, the early adopters begin to believe and make the trip with the apostle.
  6. Every apostle is called to declare and proclaim every person within their sphere of influence (measure of rule) identity in Christ, position in the Body, purpose from God, and equip people for their calling and destiny. And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field …” (Gen. 2:19-20). God gave Adam the authority and power to proclaim the purpose and function of all of the animals by the names he gave them. When God names someone, it is usually according to what they will BECOME or what they must OVERCOME. In the case of overcoming, they will receive a name change like Abram (High Father) to Abraham (Father of a great multitude) or Jacob (Heel-Catcher; supplanter {to trip up or overthrow government}) to Israel (He will rule as God; He who prevails with God’s government).
  7. Every apostle is called to work side-by-side with, NOT over those whom God brings to him/her. So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, He took one of the man’s ribs and then closed up the place with flesh. (Gen. 2:21, NIV). God took a part of or the likeness of Adam from his SIDE so they would sort of be “attached at the hips”. They would work together and submit to one another in the Lord. As Jesus said, “Don’t let people do that to you, put you on a pedestal like that. You all have a single Teacher, and you are all classmates. Don’t set people up as experts over your life, letting them tell you what to do. Save that authority for God; let Him tell you what to do. No one else should carry the title of ‘Father’; you have only one Father, and He’s in heaven. And don’t let people maneuver you into taking charge of them. There is only one Life-Leader for you and them—Christ. Do you want to stand out? Then step down. Be a servant. If you puff yourself up, you’ll get the wind knocked out of you. But if you’re content to simply be yourself, your life will count for plenty.” (Matt. 23:8-12, The Message). Now IN CONTEXT, Jesus was talking to HIS APOSTLES! But when God is speaking TO THE CHURCH (those who are NOT apostles, five fold ministry leaders or elders) HIS COMMANDS ARE, OBEY them that have the rule [God-given and ordained spiritual authority and loving leadership] over you, and SUBMIT yourselves: for they watch for [spiritually oversee] your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable FOR YOU.” (Heb. 13:7). So the balance is that leaders do not have to exert their authority, but church members of the Body of Christ need to honor and respect the authority God has set in place throughout the Body of Christ.
  8. God has given every apostle people to help him/her in his/her apostolic work. And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man. (Gen. 2:22, KJV). Notice that God BROUGHT the woman to the man. He was lonely remember, because there was not a mate found fit for him. God saw and felt his loneliness and answered his inward groaning since there is no indication of Adam praying for Eve. Paul talked about in Romans how when we don’t know what the pray, the God’s Spirit intercedes on our behalf based upon the will of God for that person’s life. God already knew what Adam needed before Adam knew it. God knows you need an apostolic team of five fold ministers before you know or will acknowledge you need one. Jesus told us to pray for workers to enter the vineyard or garden tending work with us. He will send the right relationships to us when the time is right.
  9. Every apostle is called to leave (forsake) the world, cleave to the Christ within each of his/her new team members, and they are to become one with each other in the Lord. The Man said, ‘Finally! Bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh! Name her Woman for she was made from Man. Therefore a man leaves his father and mother and embraces his wife. They become one flesh.(Gen. 2:24, The Message). Behold, how GOOD [Heb: ‘beautiful, bountiful, cheerful, glad, good,  joyful, loving, merry, pleasant, precious, prosperity, sweet, wealthy, well-favored’] and how PLEASANT [Heb: ‘Delightful, sweet’] it is for brethren [the Sons and Daughters (FAMILY) of God] to DWELL [Heb: ‘MARRY’] TOGETHER IN UNITY! This is the cry of God’s heart! This oneness that is like a marriage covenant needs to be integrated in every apostolic or five fold ministry team or even in the local church. Division is just as bad as divorce in this metaphor and God hates divorce so He must also hate division, discord, disunion, dissension, and any other thing that separated us from each other. We must become fitly joined together and compacted by Christ in us all which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love says Ephesians 4:16. We must speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among us; but that all of us be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment says 1st Corinthians 1:10. It is our destiny to become fitly framed together growing unto a holy temple in the Lord: in Christ whom all of us also are built together for a habitation (a holy dwelling place/palace) of God through the Spirit according to Ephesians 2:21-22. Is this not the foundation of continuing in the apostles’ doctrine and apostolic fellowship, and in breaking bread, and in prayers, so that fear and respect for God come upon every soul of the believer and nonbeliever: that many wonders and signs be done by the apostles and the apostolic church so that all that believed come together, and have all things common; as we sell our possessions (which can include products, services …) and goods, and parted them to all mankind, as every man, woman, and child on earth had need. As we, continuing daily with one accord in the apostolic regional ministry center, and breaking bread from local houses and families of God, eating our meals together with gladness and singleness of heart, worshipping and praising God, and having favor with all the nations and people of the world so that the Lord add to the church daily such as should be saved? The goal is Kingdom on earth as in heaven and this above is IT!
  10. For all of the above to take place the most important thing for every apostle of Christ to learn is that every apostle and every member on the apostolic or five fold ministry team has to operate and relate to one another in the light openly, honestly, respectfully, in our communication in love. “And the man and his wife were both naked and were not ashamed or embarrassed.” (Gen. 2:25, AMP). Hiding things from each other or parts of our lives as off limits will not work if God has called you to be an apostle. Paul said that the apostolic example that God wants to leave of the apostolic leader is, For I think [Gk: ‘To think; to seem (truthfully or uncertainly)’] that God hath set forth [Gk: ‘To show off, exhibit; to demonstrate, accredit:–prove, approve, set forth, show’] us the apostles last [Gk: ‘(in the sense of contiguity {the attribute of being so near as to be touching}). Farthest, final (of place or time):–ends of, last, latter end, lowest, uttermost’], as it were appointed to death [Gk: ‘Doomed to death:–appointed to death’]: for we are made a spectacle [Gk: ‘A PLACE FOR PUBLIC SHOW (“THEATRE“), GENERAL AUDIENCE-ROOM, A SHOW  ITSELF’] unto the world, and to angels [the good and the evil (fallen)], and to men [mankind]. (1 Cor. 4:9). We are NOT allowed to hide things. The Lord told the early apostles concerning how to conduct their lives and ministry, “… for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known. What I tell you in darkness, that speak ye in light: and what ye hear in the ear, that preach ye upon the housetops.” (Matt. 10:26-27). Jesus said this about his own life and ministry, “Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever [always] taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing. Why askest thou me? Ask them which heard me, what I have said unto them: behold, they know what I said.” (John 18:20). Paul said this about his own life and ministry, “And from Miletus he [Paul] sent to Ephesus, and called the elders [five fold ministry leaders] of the church. And when they were come to him, he said unto them, Ye know, from the first day that I came into Asia, after what manner I have been with you at all seasons, serving the Lord with all humility of mind, and with many tears, and temptations, which befell me by the lying in wait of the Jews: and how I kept back nothing that was profitable unto you, but have showed you, and have taught you publicly, and from house to house, testifying both to the Jews, and also to the Greeks, repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Acts 20:17-21).


So guess what apostle of Christ? You can’t hide! God will bring you or your sins or even the great things you do to the light no matter what you try to hide. The apostle of Christ is NOT ALLOWED secrecy! Sorry! You are, by default, an open book when Christ calls you to apostleship!


An open life is what you have to deal with. I cannot count on one hand how I have tried to hide sin in my life or even tried to hide my ministry from the public because I wanted to be left alone for a season. All through the 4 Gospel accounts of the life of Jesus show Him running or hiding from the crowds. But what happened? It was long that they found him praying somewhere or in someone’s house eating or healing someone. In the last half of his ministry it says that he no more walked or taught openly. That still didn’t stop people from trying to get to him.

This is the life of apostleship to all my brothers and sisters called to this level of commitment. What are YOU going to do about it! God says choose the call and you will live an adventurous life that will go down as legends as your world is changed for the Kingdom!


So continue to feed the Seed and Nurture the Nature, for by Divine Enlightenment you are Becoming What you already ARE! Apostolic blessings and do know that you are highly FLAVORED of the Lord!


May the blessings of the KINGDOM of the Father come upon you and your family through the Seed of the Word planted grow up 30fold, 60fold, 100fold, and even a double portion, which would be 200fold in Jesus’ name by the power of the Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ WHO IS THE SAVIOR OF THE WHOLE WORLD! Amen!


Grammatical errors are left in intentionally to let people know that a real human named Ricardo Butler is really writing his own content! 🙂


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Apostle Ricardo 'Reason' Butler @ https://ricardoequips.wordpress.com/aboutricardo/
Apostle Ricardo ‘Reason’ Butler @ https://ricardoequips.wordpress.com/aboutricardo/


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